Attract Clients’ Attention

Pugsley Sidwell Business Development PSBD

Digitial Marketing and Social Media

Direct Marketing – has GDPR killed off direct emails? How does your digital strategy stack up now?

Tell them all about you
Raising your profile – getting you recognised
Getting your name and your brand out there – which mediums do you choose and why?
Tell them all about you
Turn their heads – you have attracted their attention.

Once potential clients are interested how do you coax them over the threshold?

Client Relationship Management
Client relationship management – having a coffee is more important than your realise.
Different or Distinctive?
If everyone is offering similar services is it possible to stand out from the crowd?
What We Offer You
PSBD is a business development, marketing and communications consultancy that provides specialist advice to the professional services sector.
With over 25 years experience in working with lawyers and accountants we offer unique insight into brand strategy, marketing communications and business development planning for professional services firms.  We know that your top priority is billable work and we work to create viable strategies that ensure business development can be at the forefront of your agenda without being a burden.